Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thing # 23 - I'm done!!

I can't believe that I made it. There are still several that I want to go back and revisit because I didn't have the time to completely research the program as well as I wanted to. Some of my favorite experiences were the image generator, Delicious, and Flickr. They are some of the many that I feel I will be using this coming year.

Through this program I have learned that I am a lifelong learner and that I actually desire to be more of one. I think that once I get through my Masters I will feel a little more free to explore different things that are out there. Unfortunately right now I feel that I am just trying to keep my head above water and get everything done for my classes. I feel that the entire program was a take away. I learned something from every exercise and activity. There are somethings that I wouldn't be that interested in using but nevertheless I learned about them and I appreciate that experience.

I think that the entire program was very well thought out. I really didn't expect anything different. I think that with me personally it was difficult to complete in the time I had allotted. I found myself glued to the computer for hours and not spending it with my daughter which I hated but I realize that it was just for a short time.

I would participate in another program that was set up. I actually would really like to look into setting one up for my district so that others can have the same experience as I have. I really don't have a word or sentence that would sum the experience up. I do know that I have enjoyed learning the different things that are out there and realize that there are so many more to enjoy and discover. I also realize that whether we like it or not everything is moving in this direction and we need to stay on top of our own learning so that we can be useful and needed in the future.

Thing # 22

Nings are a lot like Facebook and My Space with a little more protection from what I gather. A Ning is a social networking of people with commonalities all over the world. Say for instance the librarians in my district and myself wanted to start a network because we couldn't meet as often as we want to a Ning would be a perfect place for us to network so that we were all connected. A Ning is great for getting and sharing ideas. Overall it helps people stay connected, in touch, and networked through common grounds and unlike Facebook or My Space it is narrowed down for a specific purpose.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thing # 21

Podcast - coming soon!

Thing # 20

This was a cute video that I found on YouTube. I can see that using YouTube and Teacher Tube could be very useful in the the library and classroom. I had only seen silly videos before posted on YouTube and through this activity I saw other various videos that would be very useful this coming year.

Thing # 19

I really enjoyed Flickr and Wikis hosted by Wetpaint. I like that they are free and very easy to use. I like Flickr because of the different options that it offers it's users. I will personally use it for my own pictures and like the fact that I can share them with my family and friends. I liked that students and teachers can find images that are easy to use and upload and safe.

I also enjoyed the wikis hosted by Wetpaint. Wetpaint gave such an easy to use instructions that even I could set it up easy. The video that explains what a Wiki is and how it works is not only easy to follow but it also has some added humor that definitely helps when watching "how to" videos. Wikis are so useful and I really think that the teachers, students, and parents will love when I set this up for my school.

Thing # 18

I think Google Docs is really neat. I can see that it would be very useful to a college student or families that do not have the money to purchase Windows. I personally like Windows better just because I have used it more frequently and don't want to waste it now that I have bought it. However, I can that sharing documents would be easy to do with Google Docs. I liked how you were hooked up to your Google calendar, photos, and reader on the same page. It seemed very easy to share the documents that you were working on as well. Overall I would give it a great rating. It would be beneficial for the students and teachers. I'll have to check and see if our district blocks this or not.

Thing # 17

Rollyo is very cool. I think that this would have to be one of my top favorites. I didn't really understand how to use it at first until I just finally jumped in. I think that the teachers will love this as well. We can easy collaborate on what they want their children to explore and then we can create a Rollyo for that specific assignment and not worry that the students will get a lot of sites that they don't need or sites that we don't want them to see. I plan on introducing this one to my staff and I can't wait to see the results.